Scrap and Battery

Unreal Engine 5 - 8 Person Team - Roguelike Action

In this roguelike action game, take control of a lowly worker robot who longs to escape from the confinement of their underground factory. Destroy the blockade of robots that block your path, use the scrap you collect to purchase powerful new weapons and abilities, and, above all else, make sure you don't run out of battery!

For this project, my work consisted of refurbishing the project's then existing three enemy types, introducing three more core enemy types, and creating enhanced "miniboss variant" versions of all enemy types. This involved significant additions to the game's Blueprint-based gameplay codebase and associated behavior tree setups, which allowed my team's encounter designers to have more precise customization over enemy agent capabilities and a more diverse gameplay sandbox overall.

Despite the critical knowledge I gained with Unreal Engine and AI programming, the most important experience I gained from working on this project is tied to the nature with which I began said work. I joined the project's team midway through their development cycle, meaning that I needed to quickly learn existing systems and start producing quality work in order to prevent the entire team's schedule from dragging behind. In dealing with this challenge, I not only gained a wider understanding of the project under the hood, but I was able to hone a general game development adaptability that I've used many times sense when working with unfamiliar and complex systems.

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