One in a Krillion

Unity - 9 Person Team - Hack 'n Slash Action

In this hack 'n slash action game, take control of King Krilliam and his massive swarm of krill followers in order to fight an entire army of hostile predators. Krilliam's followers can be used to form powerful Krill Constructs in the middle of battle, ranging from giant swords to powerful hammers and more!

For this project, I designed and created many critical gameplay systems in close collaboration with other gameplay designers. In addition to creating the underlying structure for the game's Krill Construct abilities, I've developed the player-facing functionality for the game's Hammer, Cannon, Hookshot, and Shield constructs. I've also played a key part in the turbulent development of the Overkrill mechanic, which, in its final iteration, grants the user invincibility and infinite combat resources for a short time. 

A large aspect of my contribution to this project has been the active communication and discussions I've had between team members regarding the design intent and overall goals of the game's different combat features. Because project needs changed often, especially when faced with critical playtesting feedback, this thorough dialogue ensured that the quality of my team's work remained a top priority, even when significant system overhauls were necessary. Furthermore, this communication has allowed me to gain a more holistic understanding of the strengths and limitations of the gameplay features I've designed and implemented, granting me the wisdom to create more robust designs over the course of development.

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