Keep Fishing

Unity - 2 Person Team - Card Game

In this card game, play rounds of the beloved classic Go Fish against a friendly fish opponent! However, things are not as simple as they initially seem. The center deck is repeatedly filled with new suits, higher numbers, and other "unconventional" cards, slowly turning Go Fish into a game that requires you to survive rather than win. 

This project was a collaboration with an artist for Global Game Jam 2024, and, as such, I am responsible for all of its design and technical implementation. This involved implementing the turn-based gameplay flow between the player and the AI opponent as well as the underlying systems for appropriately managing card hand and card deck contents. I also worked closely with the artist in order to devise the most optimal pipeline for introducing new card assets into the game's actively used pools.

Although the final product didn't meet all of me and my partner's initial design goals, this project served as an incredibly useful exercise in practicing my rapid prototyping and work management skills. Only the features necessary for the core game loop to function could be implemented in time, and, as such, the code under the hood was designed in a way to reflect this, prioritizing the desired minimum viable product in a way that didn't inhibit continued work. This approach ensured that my partner and I were able to have a functional game ready for submission at the end of the jam, and it actively affords us the means to easily expand upon the project's core gameplay loop in the future.

Play it for yourself through Global Game Jam!!! Keep Fishing - Global Game Jam